Family Matters

Midnight Sun Home Care’s collection of blog post that relate to the family.

Dad Wants to Avoid the Nursing Home, But Is Home Health Care an Affordable Option?

Pick a senior, any senior, and you’re likely to hear the same sentiments: the vast majority of older adults agree that they’d prefer to spend their elder years at home over moving to a nursing home facility. However, there are a number of misconceptions about who will pay for home health care. Medicare? Medicaid? Insurance?… Continue reading

Caring for a Senior and Feeling Invisible? Learn How to Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has reported that family members caring for a senior loved one are “routinely marginalized and ignored within the health care system.” With about 18 million family members providing care for seniors, this report is alarming, as it points to the possibility that these seniors are at risk… Continue reading

Managing Family Dynamics When Seniors Need Care: Home Care Services Can Help

As people age, it’s natural to experience changes. This is especially true in older adulthood. Aging adults can be faced with changes in physical and mental health, independence and mobility, and social connections and relationships, to name just a few. For many seniors and their loved ones, these changes are often experienced as losses and… Continue reading

Important Papers that No One Wants to Talk About

When it comes time to fill out certain paperwork it seems like there’s always at least one involved party hesitating. Living Wills, Advanced Directives, and DNR Orders are all important documents, and they can all put you into an awkward conversation. Whether the discomfort comes from a child that doesn’t want to think of their… Continue reading

Who Can Use Lifeline?

When you think of someone using a medical alert device, what’s the first thing that you think of? Is it someone older or someone young? We’ve all seen the old commercial with a woman that’s fallen and can’t get up. Unfortunately, falls are a very real danger for many seniors. Also unfortunately, this commercial has… Continue reading

Holiday Gatherings with Alzheimer’s

  The holidays should be a time of gathering together with joy and love. But for many families, large gatherings can be stress inducing and a cause for months of anxiety. An estimated 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and this disease affects their whole family. We believe that every family should be able to celebrate… Continue reading

How Families Can Support their Aging Loved Ones

 It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that families play a very important role when it comes to supporting aging loved ones. Traditionally, that support has come pretty naturally, as families often stay close together and it is just expected that the younger will take care of the aging, when the time… Continue reading

Providing a Release to the Pressure

  When someone that you love is aging, losing their mobility, or struggling with independence it can be a stressful situation. Of course the person experiencing these life changes is going to feel the stress most directly. But that does not mean that the other people in their lives aren’t affected. Between worrying about your… Continue reading

The Key to Communication

When it comes to caring for the people we love there’s a fine line that we have to walk between too much and not enough. This is a hard balance to find when you’re caring for someone on your own. Are they feeling smothered by attention and cornered by your constant nagging to take prescriptions?… Continue reading