Senior Health

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Strokes in Old Age: A Brighter Future to Recovery

For the first time ever, a treatment option that’s become increasingly popular in Parkinson’s patients – deep-brain stimulation – is also showing promise for recovery for strokes in old age. The new form of treatment is being tested on a stroke survivor and is conducted by implanting an electrode that stimulates a particular area of… Continue reading

Dad Wants to Avoid the Nursing Home, But Is Home Health Care an Affordable Option?

Pick a senior, any senior, and you’re likely to hear the same sentiments: the vast majority of older adults agree that they’d prefer to spend their elder years at home over moving to a nursing home facility. However, there are a number of misconceptions about who will pay for home health care. Medicare? Medicaid? Insurance?… Continue reading

Promising Alzheimer’s Treatment Reaches Final Stage in Human Trials

Aducanumab. It is the latest in a long line of drugs making news in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. But never before has a drug looked quite so promising as an effective treatment. In the initial medical tests, researchers witnessed a substantial reduction in amyloid plaque in the patients’ brains, and even greater, “This is… Continue reading

New Hope for Diabetics from Top Home Care Agency in Anchorage, AK

If finger pricks, sugar ranges, and blood insulin shots are never far from the forefront of your thoughts, have faith, diabetes patients: the FDA has recently approved the first artificial pancreas – a hybrid closed-loop system that comes with an insulin pump along with a continuous glucose monitor. This astonishing creation will not just instantaneously… Continue reading

Elderly Home Care: The Truth About Senior Dehydration

With many older adults reducing their exercise levels, they may feel they do not have to be concerned about dehydration. But in truth, up to 31% of seniors are diagnosed with dehydration, due in part to the body’s normal aging. And the benefits of helping older adults stay hydrated are immense: fewer falls, better orthopedic… Continue reading