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Breakthrough Medications for Alzheimer’s

Groundbreaking research is honing in ever closer to the eradication of Alzheimer’s disease, this time through two medications already developed and approved by the FDA. This permits expedited clinical trials and hopefully fast-tracking us closer to a cure. The first, surprisingly, is a drug used to treat HIV. Scientists discovered that the genetic blueprint in […]

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Keeping Medications Safe with In-Home Care

  One of the realities of aging is an increase in medications. It could be as simple as an increase in daily vitamins or as complicated as a strict regime of prescriptions to counteract age-related diseases. No matter what the reasons for taking it, medication is something that requires close attention to detail. There are […]

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A Guide to Ensuring Senior Safety at Home

As we age, our homes may need certain modifications to ensure they remain safe and comfortable environments. At Midnight Sun Home Care, we understand the importance of senior safety, and we're here to provide you with valuable tips and insights on how to create a secure living space for your loved ones. Assessing Home Safety […]

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Latinos and Dementia: Some Differences in How Alzheimer’s Presents

A new study sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association reveals some unexpected results in how dementia may show differently in Hispanic people. While further exploration of Latinos and dementia is necessary to fully understand whether these differences are due to social/cultural nuances or dementia itself, it is valuable information for Latino families to understand. Daily Activities […]

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Six Dysphagia Home Care Tips

There’s nothing better than a tall, cold drink on a hot summer day, but for a senior with dysphagia, this simple pleasure can be dangerous. Dysphagia – or trouble with swallowing – impacts millions of seniors, due to weakened mouth and/or throat muscles. Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer, and stroke are all root causes as well. We’ve […]

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Understanding the Stages of Dementia

Among the first questions in most people’s minds when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another dementia is what can be expected in the time to come. We know that the hallmark of dementia is the progressive decline in cognitive abilities and also the skills needed to manage daily life. Yet, every person […]

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Startling New Medication-Related Fall Risks for Seniors: Are You at Risk?

We’ve known for a while that there are certain medications that enhance the danger of falls for seniors. Twenty years ago, slightly over 50% of elderly people were impacted by that risk; presently, that number has risen dramatically to a full 94% of seniors who are now vulnerable to falling as a result of medication […]

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Alzheimer’s Research Milestones Reached This Past Year

With so much negative news in the forefront of 2020, it’s worth reflecting on some of the incredible achievements the year brought – such as the advancements in Alzheimer’s research milestones. Katie McDonough, director of programs and services at the Alzheimer’s Association, shares, “There are many things that we’re learning and it’s an exciting time […]

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Caring for Elderly Parents: Assessing Mental Health from a Distance

The isolation and fear due to COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the wellbeing of older adults, with nearly half of seniors surveyed in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll stating that their degree of stress and worry was negatively impacting their own health. Even though it still may be unsafe to visit in person, when caring […]

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Expired Prescriptions? Here's How Properly Dispose of Medication

With many aging parents taking multiple prescriptions, and with physicians adding and changing medications and dosages to discover ideal solutions, it is crucial to know how to properly dispose of medication safely once it is expired or no longer needed. There are several medication disposal options: Check labels. The medication's label or informational literature might […]

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