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Family Smarts!

The first and most important step toward preventing elder abuse is to recognize that no one — of whatever age — should be subjected to violent, abusive, humiliating or neglectful behavior. In addition to promoting this social attitude, we can take positive steps such as educating people about elder abuse, increasing the availability of respite […]

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Emergency Preparedness: Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Plan

This month, we’re talking about emergency preparedness from the perspective of seniors and those who require in-home assistance. Emergencies occur everyday at every scale. There is no way to know when or how they will take place, but we can do our best to prepare ourselves for coping with emergencies. Having a plan and strategies […]

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Isolation: The Most Threatening Condition

We all know that lifestyles can have a serious impact on a person’s health. If most of us had to guess, we would probably name smoking as the greatest health hazard, with excessive drinking and/or obesity coming in second. We would be wrong. Or at least we would be wrong if we talking about the […]

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