Professional Wasilla Home Care

Wasilla Home Care
Midnight Sun Home Care is the top provider of Wasilla home care services.

Midnight Sun Home Care, the premier provider of professional senior home care services in Wasilla, AK, offers customized care according to each individual’s needs and preferences, whether a few hours of help around the house, specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, or anything in between. Our fully experienced and trained caregivers serve seniors in a variety of settings: private homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or rehab centers.

To further assist you, we’ve compiled the following local resources related to improved aging:

Wasilla Area - Alaska Commission on Aging
550 W. 8th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501

Wasilla Area Senior Center
22424 N. Birchwood Loop, Chugiak, AK 99567

Wasilla Area - Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Agency of Alaska
1750 Abbott Rd., Anchorage, AK 99507

Midnight Sun’s Wasilla home care services help with a variety of tasks at home, per each senior’s own unique needs, such as:

  • Preparing meals in accordance with any dietary restrictions
  • Respectful attention to personal hygiene
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Companionship to ensure seniors are not subject to isolation and loneliness
  • Picking up groceries and running other errands as needed
  • Specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia
  • And more

Wasilla Home Care Services You Can Trust

Throughout the Wasilla area, Midnight Sun is well known for being the top choice for senior home care services. We know what it feels like to be in need of care for a family member, and how challenging it can be to decide on the best solution. As Wasilla residents for decades, we’re familiar with our area’s unique character as well all of the best local resources, and we follow strict guidelines for each person who expresses interest in joining our caregiving team, for the peace of mind of the families we’re honored to serve.

When Only the Best Wasilla Caregivers Will Do

Let’s face it: bringing a caregiver into the home of a senior loved one isn’t easy. That’s why at Midnight Sun Home Care, we run thorough background checks, hold intensive interviews, and provide full training for each caregiver who joins the professional Midnight Sun Home Care team, so that we know our caregivers are the best of the best. Each person is skilled in meeting a broad range of aging care needs, such as fall prevention, specialized care for chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, COPD, and more, preparing meals, and many others. We also put great thought into which caregiver to match with each senior based on personality, likes and dislikes, to ensure a strong bond between the two.

Take the Next Step: Call Midnight Sun Home Care Today!

When you’re ready to explore how our Wasilla home care services can benefit a senior in your life, give us a call at 877-677-7890, or complete our simple online contact form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and to offer you a free in-home assessment. Contact us today and discover a brighter tomorrow for someone you love!

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