10 Resources for the Savvy (or not so savvy) Senior Romantic

To honor the month most focused on matters of the heart, were exploring the world of dating and love among seniors. 

Our not so secret goal is to help seniors enjoy a healthy dating life, if they so desire. Maybe by now, you’re ready to ask that gal to accompany you to the poetry reading next week. Or maybe you are ready to encourage your senior loved one to seek companionship.

But, being ready and being prepared are two different things.  You might want to gather more information to help you get even more comfortable with the idea—and to guide you along the way.  In no particular order, here are a few suggestions for resources that/who might help you out:

  1. The Fountain of Age, by Betty Friedan. Sometimes you just want to be inspired or find a source of courage. This book might just be what you need!
  2. Your Doctor. We know, you probably feel like you see your doctor enough, but have you had a candid conversation with them about dating?  Having that conversation can help you accomplish two things in particular: a) Your doctor can put to rest any apprehensions you might have about activities of intimacy or address health issues that could be inhibitive. b) They can also screen you for STDs and help you take precautions. This is a valid concern: between the years 2000 and 2008, the instance of STDs among Americans over the age of 40 increased by 45%.  STDs affect people of every age.
  3. Online Dating Sites. Perhaps part of the reason why you haven’t been dating is that you aren’t meeting many prospects. That’s the fantastic part of dating in this day and age: you aren’t limited to locale or the vices of your matchmaking friends. You can look online. But, there are over 50 sites dedicated to senior dating and we know that can be a little overwhelming. How about starting small? This will help you compare 10 of the top-rated sites.
  4. Tips for Dating Online. Well, if you’re going to do it, you might as well take steps to protect yourself AND be successful.
  5. Your Community Center. You probably know this, but if you have a community center, it will typically offer a range of activities that give you the opportunity to mingle with date prospects or provide great date-worthy events. And some even offer classes and discussion groups centered around the theme of senior dating and enjoying your senior years.
  6. The Savvy Senior.  No, we didn’t name this post after this site, it was just a happy coincidence. Regardless, this site has an array of links under the heading of “relationships and online dating.”
  7. The Older Person’s Action Group. This is a nonprofit organization that fosters self-determination among Alaska’s older citizens.
  8. AARP not only provides an online dating service, but they regularly post articles and blogs about  dating and seniors. This is an ideal way to get engaged and find solutions to any challenges you are facing with dating, currently.
  9. Senior Dating is a site completely dedicated to seniors and dating. You will find reviews of dating sites and tips and advice to make your dating experience as healthy as you want it to be.
  10. Your In-Home Care Provider. A quality in-home care provider cares about every aspect of your life. For us, it’s not just about making your life easier, it’s about making your life (or your loved one’s life) richer. So, if dating is something you want in your life, we will happily talk with you about it, help you to access the resources you need and take you where you need to go either to meet people, or to pick up your date.

That concludes our series on seniors and dating. We hope it leaves you feeling inspired and empowered.


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