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Compassionate End-of-Life Care: Honoring Dignity and Comfort

End-of-life care is a sensitive and crucial aspect of the caregiving journey. At Midnight Sun Home Care, we believe in providing compassionate and dignified care to individuals during their final stages of life. In this article, we explore the principles of compassionate end-of-life care and how it prioritizes the comfort and well-being of both individuals […]

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Help Seniors Stay Active and Mobile Post-Pandemic

As we’re finally easing our way out of this pandemic, we are finding out more about how it has harmed seniors – both physically and emotionally. We all know seniors have been at a higher risk of serious side effects and death due to the COVID-19 virus. However, the impact of 15 months of physical […]

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Latinos and Dementia: Some Differences in How Alzheimer’s Presents

A new study sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association reveals some unexpected results in how dementia may show differently in Hispanic people. While further exploration of Latinos and dementia is necessary to fully understand whether these differences are due to social/cultural nuances or dementia itself, it is valuable information for Latino families to understand. Daily Activities […]

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Six Dysphagia Home Care Tips

There’s nothing better than a tall, cold drink on a hot summer day, but for a senior with dysphagia, this simple pleasure can be dangerous. Dysphagia – or trouble with swallowing – impacts millions of seniors, due to weakened mouth and/or throat muscles. Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer, and stroke are all root causes as well. We’ve […]

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The Surprising Connection Between Gardening and Senior Health

The cool dampness of rich soil. The heat of the sun. The happy trills of songbirds. Gardening has the ability to engage every one of our senses, and some studies have found a strong link between gardening and senior health. Regardless of ability level or any space restrictions, there’s always a way to help older […]

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Can Humidifiers Help with COPD Symptoms in Seniors?

If you or a loved one are considering using a humidifier to treat COPD symptoms in seniors, it is important to learn about the risks and common safety precautions of using a humidifier. Air that is too dry, for example, may cause or exacerbate health problems such as: Itchy, dry, or chapped skin Nose bleeds […]

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ls Senior Forgetfulness Normal? What to Do When Memory Issues Are a Concern

You altogether forgot about the physician's appointment scheduled for last Thursday, misplaced your reading glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of your new neighbor for the life of you. Are senior forgetfulness and problems with memory normal? Or could it be the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia? […]

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Is Home Care for Seniors Safe During a Pandemic?

Looking back at the past several months, family caregivers have had to face seemingly insurmountable challenges connected with the care of the senior family members they love. With COVID-19’s specific dangers to the elderly and those diagnosed with underlying health conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others which can be common in the […]

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Seniors Postponing Elective Procedures - Is Now the Right Time?

The COVID-19 pandemic put our world on pause, including, among a great number of other activities, medical appointments and procedures. In fact, approximately one-half of all adults either canceled or put off routine medical care and elective procedures since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, leading physicians to grow concerned about the effects. While we […]

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Living with COPD During COVID-19: The Resources and Tips You Need

Seniors diagnosed with COPD have needed to stay particularly vigilant since the COVID-19 pandemic started, because they are likely at both a higher risk for contracting the virus and also for developing more serious complications as a result. A recently available research study published by the European Respiratory Journal reported that people with COPD were more […]

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