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Are You Experiencing Caregiver Dread? These Tips Can Help

What are your first thoughts as soon as you wake up in the morning? Are you looking forward to what your day holds, or would you like to crawl back beneath the covers and remain there? If you’re feeling more caregiver dread than delight as you consider your responsibilities for the day, you are not […]

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Work-Life Balance for Caregivers: Post-Pandemic Predictions

If there’s one particular positive after-effect regarding the pandemic, it’s the awareness generated for the plight of family caregivers. Finding a post-pandemic work-life balance will be without question an incredible challenge for people taking care of an older relative. As Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy, explains, “Caregiving went from a silent struggle to being in […]

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Tips for First-Time Caregivers

It might have come altogether out of nowhere: an unanticipated fall that caused a fractured hip and the need for Mom to have assistance to stay at home. Or, it may have been building up over the years, such as through the incremental and slow progression of dementia. Regardless of the circumstances, you’ve now found […]

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Learn to Let Go of Family Caregiver Guilt

Family care providers give so much of themselves to attend to their loved ones, often surrendering their own desires and needs in the process. It seems normal to assume then that caretakers would feel good about themselves, rich in self-esteem and sense of purpose. However, the opposite is often true, with many people experiencing family […]

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Simple Solutions for Managing Disinhibited Behaviors Common with Alzheimer’s

Disbelief. Shame. Awkwardness. Discomfort. Each one of these feelings can cycle through a family caregiver’s mind when a senior with dementia showcases disinhibited behaviors, such as: Rude or tactless comments Inappropriate sexual remarks or advances Removal of clothes at improper times Other socially unacceptable actions The complicated changes that occur to the brain in Alzheimer's disease […]

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Managing Caregiving Expectations of Aging Parents

In an ideal world, we could neatly compartmentalize our caregiving duties, sticking with a routine that met the requirements of a senior, while enabling the time required to take care of our myriad other responsibilities. But needless to say, life does not adhere our desired script, and contradicting needs are frequent when caring for an […]

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5 Tough (But Normal) Caregiver Emotions – and How to Manage Them

If you’re feeling a bit discouraged in your role as caregiver, take heart; you’re in good company. Providing care for a loved one is perhaps one of the most complex roles we can hold: highly rewarding on one hand, while simultaneously frustrating and ever-evolving, often leading to caregiver emotions and feelings of doubt about whether […]

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The Latest Approach to Chronic Care Services: Empowering Patients to Take Control

Regarding chronic diseases, seniors are the experts, hands down, with as many as 3 out of four seniors affected by several conditions that are on-going, necessitate extensive treatment, and put limitations on activities. With the continuous barrage of bloodwork along with other medical tests, doctors’ appointments and procedures, and medications, controlling chronic diseases can take […]

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Anchorage Respite Care Experts Share Elder Care Tips to Prevent Bullying a Senior

As a family caregiver, you certainly encounter a range of feelings during the day: shared laughter over a joke with your loved one; worry over a health concern; and undoubtedly, once in a while, frustrations. We wish only the best for people we love, and if a senior loved one is resistant to doing something […]

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Could Safety Be Compromised for Your Aging Parent? Implementing This Plan Can Help

The first signs might be so subtle that many people wouldn’t even notice that anything is amiss. Mom is extroverted, friendly, and conversational while visiting relatives and friends and while running errands. But those closest to her are beginning to detect concerns: being forgetful about the soup cooking on the stove, resulting in a scorched […]

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