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The Surprising Connection Between Gardening and Senior Health

The cool dampness of rich soil. The heat of the sun. The happy trills of songbirds. Gardening has the ability to engage every one of our senses, and some studies have found a strong link between gardening and senior health. Regardless of ability level or any space restrictions, there’s always a way to help older […]

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Creating a Memory Book for Alzheimer’s Patients

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss Memories are what bind together our past experiences with who we are today; and for an individual with dementia, confusion around these memories can have a profound impact. One of our goals in caring for seniors diagnosed […]

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Battling Holiday Depression in Seniors

Although this season is typically viewed as the season of joy, for many older adults, holiday depression is an all too real experience, making the holidays a time of deep despair. Yearning for holidays past, grief over the loss of family and friends, and difficult changes to health can intensify through the holiday season, and […]

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Safely Celebrate the Holidays with Seniors During COVID-19

Think about the most ideal holiday season you can envision. While that image may vary a little for every one of us, it might include gifts, lights, good food, and traditions passed down through the generations. However, what most certainly holds true for all of us is the enjoyment in spending time with the people […]

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Isolation and Loneliness in Seniors – Is it Time to Venture Out of the House?

After months of isolating, quarantining, and distancing from friends and family, stay-at-home orders have been relaxed this summer. However, for older adults in particular, is it safe to head out? Unfortunately, there’s no cut-and-dry answer, and a number of criteria need to be taken into account to arrive at the best decision for each individual. For […]

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Laughter May Truly Be the Best Medicine When Caring for Someone With Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia is certainly not something to laugh about. Nonetheless, research is increasingly pointing towards the benefits associated with humor, and adding it into dementia care may be just what the doctor ordered to enhance quality of life for a senior loved one.  For instance, an Australian study recently announced that humor therapy works to reduce agitation in […]

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Finding Purpose and Embracing Positivity in Everyday Life as a Senior Citizen

Think about a typical day in the life of a senior citizen. Hopefully, it provides a number of positive and enriching experiences: enjoying breakfast, engaging in a favorite hobby or interest, visiting with a relative or friend, watching a popular television show. However, there’s a difference between positivity and purpose; and the need for a […]

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Understanding and Responding to Anxiety and Paranoia in Seniors with Lewy Body Dementia

“I am telling you, there is a dog inside my closet! I hear it growling all night long. We’ve got to track down its owner!” Hearing an older loved one voice concerns such as this that you are aware to be false is unsettling – yet not abnormal. Your first reaction can be to try […]

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Can Your Marriage Survive the Strain of Senior Care?

In marriage we agree to stick with each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – but what doesn’t come up during our vows to one another is how to deal with the increasing needs of senior care as our parents age.

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How to Help Seniors Around You Avoid Loneliness and Isolation

With more than 325 million people living in the US alone, it is difficult to envision that senior loneliness is so far-reaching. Regardless, more than 50% of all the elderly live by themselves, and over a million of them are thought to be experiencing chronic loneliness. Almost half of the elderly surveyed stated that their […]

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