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Dementia Research Breakthrough: Understanding the 4 Types of Alzheimer’s

For decades, researchers have been examining the development of Alzheimer’s through one particular basic model, despite the fact that not all Alzheimer’s diagnoses present with the same symptoms and progression. However, a new dementia research breakthrough is on the horizon. Now, a new, collaborative study between the US, Sweden, Canada, and Korea is revealing some interesting […]

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Six Activities for Seniors with Low Vision and Alzheimer’s

Finding fun and engaging activities for seniors with low vision can be a challenge. Add in Alzheimer’s, and it may seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, it’s important to make certain each day holds possibilities for purpose, joy, and meaning – decreasing the level of frustration, agitation, as well as other challenging behaviors and emotions in dementia. The […]

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Alzheimer’s Research Milestones Reached This Past Year

With so much negative news in the forefront of 2020, it’s worth reflecting on some of the incredible achievements the year brought – such as the advancements in Alzheimer’s research milestones. Katie McDonough, director of programs and services at the Alzheimer’s Association, shares, “There are many things that we’re learning and it’s an exciting time […]

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Shadowing and Dementia: How to Help Overcome the Fear of Being Alone

Primary caregivers for those with Alzheimer's disease in many cases are all too acquainted with the difficulty experienced in trying to take a quiet moment or two alone – to use the restroom, get a brief shower, and even walk into another room. Shadowing and dementia sometimes go hand in hand, and shadowing usually takes […]

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ls Senior Forgetfulness Normal? What to Do When Memory Issues Are a Concern

You altogether forgot about the physician's appointment scheduled for last Thursday, misplaced your reading glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t remember the name of your new neighbor for the life of you. Are senior forgetfulness and problems with memory normal? Or could it be the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia? […]

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Simple Solutions for Managing Disinhibited Behaviors Common with Alzheimer’s

Disbelief. Shame. Awkwardness. Discomfort. Each one of these feelings can cycle through a family caregiver’s mind when a senior with dementia showcases disinhibited behaviors, such as: Rude or tactless comments Inappropriate sexual remarks or advances Removal of clothes at improper times Other socially unacceptable actions The complicated changes that occur to the brain in Alzheimer's disease […]

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Caring for Parents with Dementia - 5 Steps to a Calmer Environment

Agitation is among the more challenging effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and may be extremely hard for family members to handle. The important thing is in taking steps to tackle agitation before it’s felt and conveyed by the older adult, which involves keeping an eye on what has brought about these feelings in the past, and creating a […]

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Dementia and Vision Problems - How Dementia Affects Eyesight

The complicated steps necessary to enable us to see are mind-boggling. Within the blink of an eye, our brains are able to take transmitted details of the environment all around us, translate that information based on input from other senses, memories, and thoughts, and then build an understanding of that information to make us aware […]

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Laughter May Truly Be the Best Medicine When Caring for Someone With Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia is certainly not something to laugh about. Nonetheless, research is increasingly pointing towards the benefits associated with humor, and adding it into dementia care may be just what the doctor ordered to enhance quality of life for a senior loved one.  For instance, an Australian study recently announced that humor therapy works to reduce agitation in […]

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Researchers Are Giving Another Look to Aducanumab Alzheimer Drug

After 16 very long years without any truly viable Alzheimer’s treatment options, there's some optimism on the horizon, in a stunning reversal on the previously-rejected antibody therapy, aducanumab Alzheimer drug. The most recent research uncovers that high doses of the medication do, in fact, lessen cognitive decline in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  According to Rebecca Edelmayer, director of […]

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