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Tips for Managing Dementia and Incontinence

Dementia care requires both compassion and creativity to manage a variety of complicated behaviors and effects, and that’s especially true when it comes to dementia and incontinence, something that is extremely common in Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. These tried-and-true strategies can be effective in minimizing the impact of incontinence and preventing an escalation […]

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The Radical New Thinking: Potential Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Today, Thomas Edison's words ring true in the race to obtain both the main cause and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Every day tends to bring hopeful news of still another clinical trial, followed soon after by the disappointing news that results failed […]

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Can Surgeries Lead to Cognitive Impairment in Seniors?

Undergoing surgery for seniors always involves some inherent risks, but there is a little-known effect impacting a significant number of seniors following surgery that we all must be aware of: POCD (postoperative cognitive dysfunction). POCD takes place in more than 25% of seniors in the days and even weeks just after non-cardiac surgery, and may […]

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Earthquake Safety for Seniors | Anchorage, Alaska

On January 23, 2018, thousands of Alaskans were shaking in their beds when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck in the Gulf of Alaska. The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings, sending people to higher ground and shelters. Luckily, there were no reports of damage from the earthquake and the tsunami warning was cancelled without incident. However, cases […]

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Attention Philips Lifeline Customers – Keep Your Service at a Lower Cost

If you’re a Philips Lifeline Customer who has recently been asked to change providers – you have a choice. By calling Midnight Sun Home Care, you can keep your service, at a lower cost and there’s no change over fee. Philips Lifeline is the most trusted medical alert service in the country. Thousands of people […]

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How Design Thinking Can Benefit Elder Care in Anchorage, AK

An innovative concept, “design thinking,” has become connected to products designed particularly for the elderly. However, its true purpose actually encompasses so much more: creating a solution through products that make life easier – regardless of age. While elder care in Anchorage, AK could certainly benefit from the development of carefully thought out products, such […]

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Why Many Alaskan Seniors Aren’t Embracing the Benefits of Senior Care Technology

No matter where they live, today’s older adults are overrun with an explosion of high tech products focused on bettering their independence and safety and providing life enhancement. At the touch of a few buttons, they can instantly visit “in person” with family and other loved ones through Skype, wear a gadget that contacts emergency […]

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