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Dementia Research Breakthrough: Understanding the 4 Types of Alzheimer’s

For decades, researchers have been examining the development of Alzheimer’s through one particular basic model, despite the fact that not all Alzheimer’s diagnoses present with the same symptoms and progression. However, a new dementia research breakthrough is on the horizon. Now, a new, collaborative study between the US, Sweden, Canada, and Korea is revealing some interesting […]

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Alzheimer’s Research Milestones Reached This Past Year

With so much negative news in the forefront of 2020, it’s worth reflecting on some of the incredible achievements the year brought – such as the advancements in Alzheimer’s research milestones. Katie McDonough, director of programs and services at the Alzheimer’s Association, shares, “There are many things that we’re learning and it’s an exciting time […]

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New Research Brings a Breakthrough in Parkinson’s Research, Reversing Symptoms

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, who believed they were examining connective tissue cell protein, got quite a surprise when they instead stumbled upon a therapy to eradicate the outward symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice. Not only that, but the therapy may be beneficial in various conditions that call for the […]

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Living with COPD During COVID-19: The Resources and Tips You Need

Seniors diagnosed with COPD have needed to stay particularly vigilant since the COVID-19 pandemic started, because they are likely at both a higher risk for contracting the virus and also for developing more serious complications as a result. A recently available research study published by the European Respiratory Journal reported that people with COPD were more […]

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The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Disease Is Changing the Way We Diagnosis It

You may not recognize her by name; however, you’ve very likely come across her story. Joy Milne has a tremendously unique talent: recognizing Parkinson’s disease through her nose. Her gift came to light when she noticed what she details as an “overpowering sort of nasty yeast smell” in her husband of 10 years. Subsequently observing other […]

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A New Cancer Treatment for All Types of Cancer Could Be Coming

We already know how incredible our body’s immune system is in attacking invading bacteria and viruses and restoring us to health following an illness, but the latest findings from a study by Cardiff University are poised to bring a new and unexpected development with a new cancer treatment: stopping cancer in its tracks.

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