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The Senior Assistive Devices That Can Be Life-Changing

Consider the many tools you use every single day – your phone, toothbrush, hairbrush – simple things, but ones you cannot envision living without. For hundreds of older adults, there are basic senior assistive devices available that might mean the difference between living at home and facing a move to assisted living. Yet almost 50% […]

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How Elder Care Mediation Eases Family Caregiver Conflict

When you need to work as a team to make sure the needs of your aging parents are met, even the closest of brothers and sisters could find themselves at odds. Emotions and stress levels are, commonly, running high. Add to that your past history and family dynamics, which commonly resurface during stressful times, and […]

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Beyond Fall Prevention: Regain Confidence After the Trauma of a Fall

While circus clowns and comedians may stir audiences to laughter over such stunts as slipping on a banana peel, there is nothing funny about falling when it comes to the elderly, who are at an elevated risk for serious injuries which could bring about a lengthy rehabilitation process. Not only that, but there’s a lesser […]

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New Research Brings a Breakthrough in Parkinson’s Research, Reversing Symptoms

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, who believed they were examining connective tissue cell protein, got quite a surprise when they instead stumbled upon a therapy to eradicate the outward symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice. Not only that, but the therapy may be beneficial in various conditions that call for the […]

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Trusted COVID-19 Resources for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Recognizing where to turn for the latest, most dependable resources on COVID-19, particularly as it relates to seniors and those who provide caregiving assistance for them, is crucial – and can be difficult. With so many resources and differing viewpoints on this serious subject, we wanted to help make it simpler to find what you […]

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