10 Ways We Can Help Expecting and New Moms

  1. Help Expecting and New MomsGet the nursery ready
    Many expecting moms experience nesting but may be too exhausted. MSHC will come in remove all the tags and wash all the new baby clothes, help organize the closet and run errands to pick up last minute supplies.
  2. Clean the house
    Relax in the weeks before baby arrives and let MSHC clean the house in preparation for your new arrival.
  3. After spending all day and night feeding baby, many parents forget to feed themselves. MSHC will pre-make and freeze meals you can make quick to get your energy up.
  4. Errands
    Whether you’re nine months pregnant or home with a new baby, don’t stress about the little things, let MSHC take care of all the mundane errands.
  5. Stock the fridge
    We’ll make sure the fridge and cupboards are full so you are too.
  6. Laundry
    Laundry piles up quick when you have a baby. Let MSHC take the load off by loading up the washing machine. We’ll even fold it and put it away when it’s done.We'll Handle the small stuff, you hold the baby
  7. Light Housekeeping
    Newborns require around the clock care, making it difficult to accomplish the little things. Let us help by doing the simple chores that add up.
  8. Emotional support
    Babies need a lot of love and care but so do you. Allowing someone to come in and help can ease stress levels.
  9. Ease the transition
    The first few weeks are usually filled with visitors that lend a helping hand but when everyone is gone and life returns to the new normal, sometimes its nice to have some help while you get the swing of things.
  10. Focus on family
    Babies are beautiful and challenging, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Navigating a newborn with the support of MSHC allows you to focus on what really matters, your new family.


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