Avoiding Alzheimer’s - Healthy Habits to Keep Your Brain In Shape

  1. Avoiding Alzheimer's, healthy habits to keep your brain in shapeRead
    Grab the newspaper with your cup of coffee or sit back and enjoy the latest mystery novel. Reading keeps your mind sharp and stimulated, and can ward off dementia.
  2. Exercise
    Staying fit promotes overall wellness but keeping your blood pumping can also keep Alzheimer’s at bay. Increased blood flow to the brain reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Walking and swimming are excellent and low impact cardiovascular activities.
  3. Say No to Tobacco
    Smoking and chewing tobacco are bad for your health but they can also increase your risk of dementia. Bottom line, quit.
  4. Heart Health
    Studies have shown a healthy heart is linked to a healthy brain.
  5. Eat Healthy
    Proper nutrition will keep you feeling healthy and sharp. Nutritionists suggest eating a brain boosting diet - low in saturated fats, rich in vegetables and whole grains, and limited red meat, sodium and sweets.
  6. Sleep
    Don’t let the Midnight Sun get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is an important resting and regenerative time for our brains. By skipping sleep or struggling with sleep-related afflictions, the brain won’t get the rest it needs to refuel.
  7. Stay Stress Free
    Studies have shown people struggling with depression or anxiety can lead to an increased risk for early onset of Alzheimer’s. If you’re struggling, see a doctor. Trying to maintain relaxed and stress free can keep your mind healthy.
  8. Be Social
    Conversation can keep you sharp. Call a relative, go to lunch with a friend or join a group, engaging in social activities keeps your brain stimulated.
  9. Solve Puzzles
    Crosswords, Sudoku and card games – any activity that engages your brain and gets you problem-solving is a good one.
  10. Protect Your Head
    We all fall down, especially as we age but it’s very important to keep your head safe. Wear a helmet when riding a bike and a seatbelt when riding in a car.

The team at Midnight Sun Home Care can help with many of these. Whether you need a help buying and preparing healthy meals, help with housework to stay stress free or someone to walk around the block with, give us a call (907) 677-7890.

For more information about the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or tips on keeping your brain healthy visit alz.org


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