Be Heart Healthy This Month

February is the month of love. In addition to showing some love for the people in your life, consider showing your heart some love this month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in the U.S. The American Heart Association suggests these four tips for improving your heart health:

Eat Smart

  • Choose whole grains
  • Avoid excessive sodium
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Control your portions
  • Prepare meals at home

Add Color

  • Add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Here are some tips for eating more fruits and vegetables

Move More

  • Make a goal of exercising for two and a half hours a week
  • Walking is an easy way to start
  • Swimming is a great, low-impact exercise

Be Well

  • Get at least eight hours of sleep
  • Clear your mind through journaling or meditation
  • Lower your stress
  • Relax

For more tips on how to be heart healthy visit the American Heart Association’s website.


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