Can I Afford In-Home Care?


Can I afford in home care?In-home care can be affordable.

On average, seniors need about twenty hours per week of in-home assistance in order to remain independent in their home. Compared to the cost of selling a home, moving belongings, and paying rent at an assisted living center, the monetary cost of twenty hours of in-home care is much more reasonable. Plus, by staying in their own home they’re reaping the benefits of a familiar and comfortable environment filled with family memories.

Because Midnight Sun Home Care is a private pay company, we can’t accept Medicaid, and Medicare does not cover in-home care yet. But these programs don’t cover assisted living homes either. We understand that price can be an issue for many families and that is why we choose to work with Long Term Care Insurance as well as the VA in order to provide you with alternative payment methods.

We don’t want any family to feel like they can’t afford the care that their loved ones deserve.  Because every family is different and care needs vary so widely we can’t define affordability in concrete terms. But it can be affordable, there are assistance options, and comparatively it is often the most affordable care option available. If you have any questions about in-home care we would love to sit down with you to discuss your options.


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