Caregiver Spotlight: Sharon Ameline

MSHC Caregiver Sharon Ameline approaches every day with her clients MSHC Caregiver Sharon Amelinewith one goal in mind, “to make them have a smile every day.” Sharon is MSHC’s longest-serving employee; she’s been with the company for 15 years. “I was like, what do I do for a job,” said Sharon. “I’ve raised four kids, I’ve been a homemaker but I don’t have the skills to go out into the workforce.”

The caregiver business seemed like a natural fit for Sharon. Sharon’s first caregiver position was with a different company and it didn’t last long. She was placed with a client that she felt wasn’t the right fit but when she met Kevin Turkington, MSHC’s founder, she knew something was different. “I really liked how he put the caregiver with the client,” Sharon said.

In her 15 years working for MSHC, Sharon says she’s enjoyed every client she’s worked with. Sharon enjoys caring for people but she says being a caregiver involves walking a fine line between developing trusting relationships and not getting too emotionally involved. She particularly enjoys working with seniors, “I love hearing their live stories. I really love what I do.” She also enjoys taking stress away from family members.

Working as a caregiver can be emotionally and physically challenging. However, with the support of MSHC, Sharon says she feels confident she is making a positive difference everyday. “I tell everybody they are the Cadillac of caregiving companies.”


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