Caregivers Explain the Pitfalls of Holiday Sugar Indulgence in Seniors

Caregivers in Anchorage, AKIt’s official: we’ve approached the season of sweets! From sugar frosted cookies to apple pies to candy canes and chocolate mint cocoa, it’s very hard to overlook the array of amazing goodies that surround us, and the lovely memories they call to mind, especially near the holidays. But what result does this rise in sugar consumption have on our health and wellness, especially for older people?

Sugar’s addictive characteristics are well recognized. It releases dopamine while triggering the reward part of the brain, and whenever too much is eaten, people build a tolerance to these effects, requiring even more sugar - a vicious cycle.

And as if that were not concerning enough, added sugar (compared to naturally-occurring sugar) has been recognized as a toxin that elevates inflammation and raises risk of obesity, heart disease, and maybe even breast cancer. For the elderly, an excessive amount of sugar can increase cognitive impairment and bring about problems with the chronic conditions that so many have trouble with.

Even though we most certainly don’t want to steal the holiday joy from older adults, it’s necessary to bear in mind that there are healthier, yet still festive treatments. Contact Midnight Sun Home Care’s caregivers in Anchorage, AK at 907-677-7890 for assistance in making healthy and balanced, wonderful dishes that stick to dietary plans without compromising one’s well-being.


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