Catherine Reese Named General Manager for Midnight Sun Home Care

Catherine ReeseCatherine Reese, who was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, has been promoted to general manager, for Midnight Sun Home Care. Reese has worked with the organization since August of 2008, when she was hired as a receptionist. She was eventually promoted to staffing director and then took over as director of community outreach, in July of 2013.

“Catherine’s dedication to her work and devotion to her community was apparent from the beginning. I’ve always been impressed with her ability to coordinate and motivate her co-workers, while striving to help Midnight Sun Home Care become a leading resource to our senior community and their loved ones,” says Kevin Turkington, owner of MSHC. “Catherine has been instrumental to our growth and I do not see that changing.”

Reese was first referred to Midnight Sun Home Care through a friend who worked with the company at the time. Her previous experience was in customer service and she was looking for a professional change that would help her make more of a difference in the community.

She explains, “I love the vision and mission of Midnight Sun Home Care. Through our work, we are adding to the quality of life for our entire aging community.  It’ s not just about the services and resources we provide, but also the peace of mind we are giving families and the valuable education we provide to our community, as our aging population grows. This position will allow me to better support our staff and in turn, support our growth, while maintaining the award-winning reputation we have worked so hard to establish.”

Midnight Sun Home Care provides direct, in-home care to seniors and those with disabilities or in need of transition care. The company currently serves over 80 families in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley. They employ more than 50 highly-trained caregivers and have an administrative staff of 5.  The company has enjoyed steady growth for over a decade and touts the lowest turnover rate for caregiving staff in the region.

“It’s about creating a family environment, remarks Reese, “I’ve worked to give our caregivers a place where they can come for help, back-up, resources and education—a place where someone cares for them and remembers their name—so that they can love their work and give the best care to our clients.”


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