Community Voice

Recognizing the month of our independence provides a great opportunity to remember and celebrate the freedoms that we all have. As an American, you probably have a good idea of your freedoms and rights, but how do any of us really make sure that we are putting those rights to good use and fully embracing them?

This question often becomes more meaningful to individuals as they age because they may feel like they are losing some of those freedoms and certainly, some level of independence. As we age, we may be stripped of our ability to make some of the important decisions that affect us.

It is important, at any age, to remember how to ensure our freedoms, not the least, the right to free speech. The ability to have a say in our own lives is so important to the quality of our lives.

How can we make sure that our voices and those of our loved ones are heard in the community?

Getting involved in community groups can be a great way to remain heard!

One simple way of staying involved is to attend Anchorage Assembly meetings. Regular meetings are held in the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Public Library, typically scheduled on Tuesday evenings at 5 p.m. Click Here for the 2015 Assembly Meeting Calendar. You can also view the formal agenda for each meeting: Click Here

Another fantastic group to watch and get involved in is the Commonwealth North. The purpose of Commonwealth North is to educate its members and others on significant public policy issues affecting Alaska and its future, and to assist in resolution of those issues. You can sign up for their newsletter here.

This month is a great time to remember that staying involved in our community and the events that are happening around us, allows us stay happier and feel more in control of our lives. Remaining aware and involved not only helps with our sense of belonging but it also helps us to feel more empowered, even through the changes we all experience in our lives. Otherwise, we can experience a large sense of loss when we cannot express our feelings—often accompanied by bitter feelings. Help keep yourself and those around you involved and in charge of their freedom of speech!


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