Dad as A Caregiver

We hardly ever think of dads when we think of caregivers. When we think about who will care for us when we get older, we rarely think of men at all. This month, we are celebrating all that dads do care for us. From experience, my dad has been my strongest caregiver. The person to stick by my side most when I needed him, my dad always was my biggest teacher and my greatest emotional rock. He's the person who taught me how to work hard and play hard and also how to love hard. My dad is the person who I think deserves the most thanks for my success in life.

I feel like the best way to pay tribute to my father is through my actions and make sure I am holding true to the values he instilled with me and working for an agency who honors and supports my beliefs and values.  When caring for others I make sure I am always practicing compassion, integrity, professionalism, quality, and consistency. Working for Midnight Sun Home Care makes my father proud, and that is the highest tribute anyone could pay. When you’re on the job or in your personal life stop and take a moment to ask yourself, will this make my father proud?


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