Dementia News: Study Uncovers Unforeseen Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Bacteria

DementiaThere’s never been a more optimistic time in the world of dementia research than we are currently 
experiencing, and new developments seem to be emerging every few moments. The latest findings are slated to have a huge impact in the quest for treatments and a cure: the correlation between Alzheimer’s and the body’s natural immune response to infections.

While dementia researchers have been connecting the dots between the beta amyloid protein and Alzheimer’s, the newest bend in the road to a cure comes from the realization that this protein is showing the ability to fend off infections in mice. Some drug trials have tried to get rid of this bacteria-fighting protein, which could be dangerous if beta amyloid works similarly in humans.

If true, it is possible that Alzheimer’s is likely brought on by an over-reactive immune response to a pathogen, causing an overload of problems that an older brain cannot handle.

Although currently inconclusive, the findings correspond with what we already know about the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and proper sleep. Now these items could even help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s. This research marks the way forward for other potential treatment options, such as inflammatory reduction medications and vaccines.

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