Finding Purpose and Embracing Positivity in Everyday Life as a Senior Citizen

Teacher, mentor helps elementary-age schoolgirl with homework.
Many senior citizens find their most fulfilling day to be those in which they help others.

Think about a typical day in the life of a senior citizen. Hopefully, it provides a number of positive and enriching experiences: enjoying breakfast, engaging in a favorite hobby or interest, visiting with a relative or friend, watching a popular television show. However, there’s a difference between positivity and purpose; and the need for a life rich with meaning and purpose is very important, specifically in the life of senior loved ones. 

Viktor Frankl, world-renowned psychiatrist and survivor of the Holocaust, explains poignantly, “What matters is not the meaning in life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”

For people whose identity happens to be centered on a job and raising a family, and who now have reached a season of retirement and fulfilled family responsibilities, it can be hard to find other meaningful activities for older adults. At Midnight Sun Home Care, we make it a main priority to help seniors access their passions and channel them into purposeful experiences, such as:

  • Volunteering. For a loved one who loves working with boys and girls, tutoring, reading to, or mentoring kids at a local school is an easy option. Other individuals may care deeply about supporting veterans, and put together care packages of personal care products and snacks to send abroad. Or for animal lovers, delivering treats, blankets, and an affectionate heart to a pet shelter can be extremely satisfying.
  • Learning. It’s true: you’re never too old to learn something new. Look into your local community college, library, or senior center to find courses or online programs of interest to a senior loved one.
  • Helping at home. Well-meaning family caregivers oftentimes take over household chores to free senior loved ones from the responsibilities they have handled throughout their lifetime. However, this can have the negative effect of leaving older adults feeling like they are no longer useful. Engage the senior in work and tasks around the home that are within his / her skill level and interest; for example, assisting with organizing meals, folding laundry, arranging nuts and bolts in a toolbox, etc.
  • Recording family history. Supplying the next generation with the rich genealogy and family history and stories experienced firsthand is a treasure that only senior loved ones can provide. Help a senior loved one record his or her lifetime legacy in a scrapbook, writing, or video recording, and then share with family and friends.

And, get in touch with Midnight Sun Home Care for the personalized in-home support that can help older adults find satisfaction and purpose, while remaining secure and comfortable within the familiarity of home. We're able to provide transportation to interesting and enjoyable activities for older adults, help plan and implement ideas to accomplish right in the home, or take care of a few of the everyday tasks around the home, including cleaning and cooking, enabling family members to enjoy high quality time with each other. You can reach us any time at (907) 677-7890 to discuss senior companion care in Anchorage, AK that may help meet your goals.


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