5 Ways a Geriatric Care Manager Can Change a Senior’s Life

Geriatric Care Manager
A geriatric care manager can greatly improve quality of life for seniors.

Family care providers recognize that navigating the process of locating appropriate care resources for a senior can feel like trying to cross the ocean in a rowboat – blindfolded, and blindsided by the buffeting waves and winds. The chances of arriving safely to your destination are fairly slim without having the necessary tools, and an individual to guide you in the best way to utilize them.

That is where a geriatric care manager (also known as an aging life care professional) can step up and save the day. Geriatric care managers are experts in the many complexities of the aging process, available resources, resolution of issues pertaining to family dynamics, and much more.

Readily available for short-term consultations up through and including full-time support, there are a few key instances when a geriatric care manager is particularly beneficial:

  • Long distance separates you from your family member. Residing in Texas while your aging parents are in Alaska, even with today’s technology, makes it tough to ensure they’re thoroughly cared for and safe. A geriatric care manager can provide supervision of care, regular visitations, and help with decision-making.
  • A challenging behavioral issue is at play. When a senior loved one is challenged by dementia or any other diagnosis which causes behavioral concerns, a geriatric care manager may be a fundamental part of the senior’s care team, providing details on appropriate specialists and helping to find a solution to alleviating troubling behaviors, which can include aggression, wandering, or sundowning.
  • The older adult will not open up about health conditions. Elderly parents often want to prevent their adult children from worrying, and as a result, withhold crucial health information – but are often open to speaking with an experienced geriatric care manager about their concerns.
  • There are living condition concerns. For instance, if a loved one lives in an assisted living community that will not allow you to hire a personal caregiver when additional help becomes necessary, a geriatric care manager will have extensive details about both the community itself and your state’s relevant laws, and will help mediate a resolution.
  • You’re just at a loss. Choosing the very best care solution for a senior loved one can be tricky, and it’s common for family members to feel unsure in regards to what the best solution will be. A geriatric care manager can provide you with what your options are, and what the benefits and disadvantages can be for every single option.

If you are interested in locating a geriatric care manager to help improve care for a senior loved one, or to inquire about our professional in-home care services for seniors, call Midnight Sun in Anchorage at (907) 677-7890 , and visit our Service Area page to see if we’re available to help in your area.


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