Giving of Heart and Time

“Christmas... is not an external event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart.”-Freya Stark

This is a wonderful time of year for hope, joy, jubilation and coalescence. It seems that as the holiday season approaches, the world becomes a bustle of vitality. Yet, we still have to figure out how to keep up with it and meet all the demands of such a busy world!

At Midnight Sun Home Care, we embrace the holiday season just as we do every other time of the year—with a pleasant, positive, and energetic approach. But, it’s a special time for us, because it allows us to further celebrate the families—our customers—that drive our motivation and make our work fulfilling.

If you walk into the Midnight Sun Home Care offices, you will be greeted with a fun and festive environment created by truly great people. This is not simply a time to give and receive gifts; it’s a time when we get to reflect on all of the wonderful people surrounding us as well as the fantastic events that have led us to where we are in life.

This will be Midnight Sun Home Care’s 12th Christmas to celebrate and each year brings more and more people into our community. We look forward to inviting our staff and clients into the office to enjoy some food, company and gratitude for our annual holiday potluck.

We strive to help make the holidays special for as many individuals as we can—at the office and out in our community. This year, we are focused on the Jingle Bell Walk/Run, hosted by the Arthritis Foundation, on December 13th. Midnight Sun Home Care is acting as the corporate chair for the event and we are honored to represent this amazing organization. We encourage our staff and clients to participate and enjoy the fun, for a great cause. We will be there with our costumes and bells on and hope you will join us. Giving of one’s time and heart is the best gift that can be given.

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Happy Holidays to You! And, remember, Midnight Sun Home Care is here if there is ever a time when you need a little extra help to make the holidays memorable and comfortable.



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