8 Key Health Benefits of Laughter: Care Tips From the Anchorage Senior Services Team

Anchorage respite care
Learn some of the many incredible health benefits of laughter.

Have you ever caught yourself preparing to bubble over with uncontrollable laughter at the most inopportune moment – in a packed elevator, a hushed waiting room, or a religious service? While there are, of course, times when we need to control the silliness, author Jane Heller says that, “Humor can keep us balanced, even in the grimmest of times. It reminds us that despite illness and disability, there are moments of real joy in life and we need to embrace them.”

The main health benefits of laughter are extraordinary, including:

  • Releasing endorphins that minimize stress
  • Fortifying brain connectivity
  • Providing a social boost
  • Reducing pain
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving mood
  • Safeguarding the heart from heart disease
  • Revitalizing circulation and muscle relaxation, each of which relieve stress
  • And many more

Even though there’s nothing amusing with regard to getting a difficult medical diagnosis for a senior, there are methods to keep up an underlying sense of positivity that can contribute to more possibilities for laughter:

  • Be intentional about placing bits of humor around your home/office, which can include a favorite comic strip, meme, amusing photos, etc.
  • Check into a laughter yoga class – yes, there truly is such a thing!
  • Alter your reading material and TV viewing to add more lightheartedness. Include joke books – or browse the internet for new jokes to be included in your collection.
  • Enjoy time with loved ones and close friends who raise your spirits. Reminisce over past memories together which make you laugh, and create new ones!
  • Don't forget to laugh at yourself, changing your internal dialogue from reprimands for blunders to the relief in recognizing we are all human.

Surprisingly, even though you don’t feel like laughing, health benefits can still be realized through faking or forcing laughter, according to certified health coach Nancy Kalish.

The Anchorage senior services team at Midnight Sun Home Care helps bring joy and laughter to older adults and relief to their families each day. Our friendly senior companions spend quality time with senior loved ones, participating in conversations, games, puzzles, exercise, fun outings, and naturally, a great deal of laughter. And with our full selection of home care services, such as meal prep, cleaning, and tending to personal care needs, family caregivers and the seniors they love are able to spend more high quality time simply enjoying each other’s company. Allow us to help brighten up your world! Reach out to learn more about our Anchorage senior services and the communities we serve at (907) 677-7890 any time to find out more about the health benefits of laughter and how we can help make each day more enjoyable for the seniors you love. To learn about all of the community where we provide care, please visit our Service Area page.


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