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new momWhen someone hears ‘Home Care’ most people think about care for seniors in their own homes. But at Midnight Sun we do more than just care for your elderly.

We can also help you to care for the youngest members of your family. Our New Mothers program is designed to provide you with a solution to the stress and anxiety that many new parents experience when they bring home the newest members of their family.

Bringing home your baby should be a time of joy, love, and healing. You should not have to worry about chores, errands, or cooking.

New moms need plenty of rest after birth in order to regain their strength. With the baby waking up to eat every few hours this can be especially difficult to do. When the baby sleeps, it’s best for parents to attempt to sleep as well, not do chores around the house.

Adding to the difficulty, if Mom had a C-section then she’ll be restricted from walking upstairs, driving, and lifting heavy items. Gas pains, exercise, and wound care will be added into the list of things she’ll have to juggle while trying to enjoy snuggles with her new baby.

Our personal care assistants will be there to take the burden of daily tasks off of your plate so that you can focus on you and baby. Available services include:

  • Emotional SupportPost Partum Depression and Anxiety can usually be eased with a helping hand. But if you need more help, our personal care assistants can be there while you find help and make that transition.
  • Light Housekeeping – No heavy lifting after baby’s born! And bending over is nearly impossible if you’ve had a C-section.
  • Laundry – New parents are often surprised at how quickly laundry multiplies with such a tiny new addition. And again, bending and lifting isn’t something Mom should be doing yet.
  • Meal PreparationEating well aids in recovery time, but preparing healthy meals while sleep deprived isn’t always possible.
  • Freezer Stocking/Grocery Shopping – Grocery bags are heavy and shopping is exhausting.
  • Errands – Many moms aren’t allowed to drive for a while after coming home.
  • Recovery – Wound care and proper exercising are critical components to speed your healing.

If you’re going to be a new parent soon, or you’re looking for a unique baby gift for new parents, consider choosing our New Mothers program. Our services are flexible so that they can be tailored to each family’s individual needs. We can arrange services on short notice and time requested can be just a few hours up to around the clock care for a week.

The gift of help and care is always needed.



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