Helping Family Lighten Their Load

happy generationsThe pressure of taking care of everything and everyone can become overwhelming. Talking to doctors, making sure the whole family is on the same page, struggling with disagreements about what the right page is, making sure that there’s a balance of information so some people aren’t left out of the loop while others are overwhelmed, finding the bravery to hand over the reins of care, making sure that their loved one feels loved and cared for, and all of the things happening in their own lives is a large load for anyone to carry.

Sometimes all it takes to lighten the Caregiver Stress from your shoulders is to have one thing lifted off. That’s what Midnight Sun Home Care is here for.

If our client’s family prefers it, we are happy to communicate with medical providers. We will make appointments, track medications, and take notes so that nothing gets forgotten or left out.

We always encourage family members to remain involved with all communications around their loved one. This fosters a closer relationship with their loved ones and allows us to work as a larger team. But, if someone needs to take a break from the care routine or the daily updates become overwhelming we are happy to allow them to take a step back. We will update the family if there are any concerns that they need to be involved with, but otherwise permit them to take a breath and regain their strength.

Our goal, and part of our mission, with Midnight Sun Home Care is to give peace of mind to our clients and their families. Once we are established in the home with the family, we are always proud to see the moment when family members feel comfortable and confident enough to be able to take a step back. Just a tiny step can be such a relief in their lives and we love to see them brighten up in their day to day interactions.

By including family member in the creation of a care plan and giving them the opportunity to make any changes that they feel are necessary we are allowing family to retain control over the type of care that their loved one is receiving. We work hard to maintain open lines of communications at all times and have a structured check in process to make sure that everything is going well. If there is a situation where a family member is having a rough time transitioning some of their burden onto us, including them in planning, allowing them to retain control, and making sure that they are well informed of everything happening will help to ease their worries.

We are here for our clients. We want them to feel loved, cared for, and safe. We also want our clients’ families to feel included, confident, and relaxed. We’re here to lighten your load and let you enjoy your time as a family.


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