Home Care Matchmaking

Home Care MatchmakingMatchmaking is a word that tends to conjure up visions of blind dates or scenes from Fiddler on the Roof. But it’s a word that really applies to what we do with our clients and our caregivers. Thankfully in our version you don’t need to carry a tune or suffer through an awkward dinner.

When we sit down with our clients and their family to discuss their needs and wants, we’re not just taking into account medical and physical needs. We’re also thinking about how we can care for them on an emotional level. Physical health is so closely tied to emotional well-being that one can’t be present without the other. We want our clients to be happy, and that’s best achieved when there is a caregiver in the home that they enjoy being around. We don’t just want our caregivers to provide a service, we want them to provide care.

Our primary focus is always ensuring that our clients receive care from the most qualified caregivers available. But we also take into account the personal preferences and personalities of both client and caregiver. We have a large knowledge base about each of our caregivers. We know their backgrounds and experiences. We’ve gotten to know them. We’ve thoroughly explored their knowledge and assessed their skills. Using all of these details, we can help each of our clients find the best caregiver to suit their needs while at the same time making sure that our caregivers get along well with the client.

Even in the best relationships misunderstandings can arise. We maintain a very open line of communication in our offices. Clients and their family are always welcome and made to feel comfortable. We want them to feel secure telling the office personnel about any issues they may be having with a caregiver. We work with our clients and the caregivers to remedy situations whenever possible. If it’s a situation without an obvious solution then we’ll find a different caregiver for our client.

Based on client requests, knowledge of their unique situations, and our extensive knowledge about each of our caregivers our ability to make successful matches is stellar.  We always want our clients to know that they have the right to request a different caregiver if they feel as though we haven’t made the best match for them, but we strive to make that unnecessary.


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