Honoring the Mother in Your Life

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the influence of mothers in society. It’s a day honoring mothers and motherhood, a celebration of maternal bond. It’s a day to celebrate the mothers’ in our lives who have made an impact on us. I like to show appreciation to not only my mother, but to other mothers’ who I value and appreciate for being the great mothers that they are. I believe that Mother’s Day can be celebrated by anyone. After all, most of us have had someone in our lives whom has played a motherly role.

In today’s world people often celebrate all the mothers in their lives. It has become more common to give gifts, cards, and maybe flowers to several women who have played a motherly role. This can include aunts, sisters, grandmothers and friends.  We don’t often stop to think of the loved ones in our lives who no longer have their mothers.

Mother’s day is a great opportunity to help the elders in your life reminisce about their moms. Recognizing that Mother’s Day is also a day to honor the mothers that we have lost can allow you to celebrate with family members who no longer have their mothers to thank for all they have done.  Speak to your elder about their moms, and memories that they have of them. Help them remember the positive and not dwell on the negative. Ask them to show you photographs of them with their mothers, and ask them to share the story that goes along with the photo. Ask them to tell you about their moms. Maybe she had a favorite flower that reminds them of mom? What was their mother’s favorite color? Once you know a bit more about their moms and what their likes and memories are, put them into play. Gifting a bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers or planting something together in memory of their mother would be a great way of honoring and remembering their moms.

Talk to your elder about the life lessons their mother taught them. There can be valuable lessons to learn here! Ask them about saying that their mothers would tell them that have stuck with them to this day. Ask them to share discipline methods that their mothers used, and speak of the ones used in today’s society and compare them. Bring up open topics, and stay away from topics that may feel too sensitive. Stay attentive and look for signs of frustration or anger or sadness, if you spot any of these feelings, it may be time to back off.  Remember, that we want to focus on the positive and make them smile when thinking of their moms!

Do you have an elderly relative who doesn’t have her daughter or son close by? You can honor her as a mother too. Thank her for all the hard work she put in as a mom, and maybe learn a thing or two from her. Remember that your elders are wise and have had many more years of experience on this green earth than we have.  They may have a few parenting tricks up their sleeves that you could borrow. Ask her to share stories with you about raising her kids and what some of their most memorable moments were.

There are so many ways to spend Mother’s Day. Families have their own ways to celebrate and some families have traditions. Whatever you do, don’t forget about the mothers who we have loved and lost. Have a beautiful Mother’s day!


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