How Are We Keeping You Safe?

PrivacyWhen you hire someone to come in to your home you’re opening a door into your personal life. When someone comes in to your living space they could have access to your financial information and all of the documents that make up your legal identity. Even if you keep all of these things locked in a cabinet, you still need to share a lot of personal information in order to receive the best care for your individual needs.

We know finding someone you can trust with all of this information can be a daunting task. Trust and honesty are key concepts at Midnight Sun Home Care because we want you to feel comfortable with us. If you’re not comfortable, then you’re not receiving the best care possible.

When you give us your private information we do everything in our power to keep it private. Your information is kept behind multiple safety barriers. From the locked office building, to the locked cabinets, there’s no way your files can be accessed by anyone that doesn’t need to see it. The only people allowed to access these files are our office staff who have all undergone thorough screening and training. Additionally, every employee is bound by confidentiality agreements designed to protect our clients. If you choose to send us any information electronically, you are equally secure. We operate on a secure network that covers everything from our files to our emails.

Because we are not a medical company, HIPAA does not apply to us. But that doesn’t mean that your privacy isn’t secured. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was created to ensure that health insurance was portable and renewable while also protecting individuals from being discriminated against due to their health history. You’re coming to us because you need care and it’s our privilege to provide it. We certainly won’t deny you care because you’re sick – if we did we’d be out of business. HIPPA requirements add a lot of paperwork to business and paperwork takes a lot of time and resources to organize. Because we don’t have a HIPAA policy, we can spend more time and energy on the really important things – like caring for our clients. This also allows us to communicate more freely with your family and other caregivers which provides more transparency in our interactions.

If, for any reason, privacy is violated in some way we have a strict reprimand process in place. We do not take these violations lightly and will thoroughly follow the processes. Trust is an integral part of the foundations we are built on and any breach of that trust will not be tolerated. If there are any legalities involved we are bonded and insured to cover them. We hope that this will never need to be invoked, but we believe in being prepared for everything so that our clients know that they are safe when they choose us.


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