How to Know When Your Aging Parent Needs Help

One thing is certain; your parents won’t likely be the ones who tell you they need help. Aging seniors have a strong desire to remain independent and in control of their own lives for as long as possible. Typically the aging senior will experience a traumatic event or wakeup call that leads to the realization that they need help. Because you are unable to anticipate your parents need for assistance until this traumatic event takes place, the emotional distress can make it very painful and difficult to make educated decisions that you are comfortable with. One way to avoid this is to start monitoring your parent’s physical and mental abilities and research options should your parents begin to show signs of needing assistance.

Here are some common indicators and telltale signs that your parents may need some help. Is it difficult for them to perform daily living activities, such as bathing, eating, walking or dressing? Look for changes in their physical appearance, poor hygiene, weight loss, marks that could indicate that they have fallen. Check for signs around the house, is there unopened mail, unfilled prescriptions, low food supply, or a yard or home interior that has not been maintained.

If you believe your parents are in need of assistance, the next step is to talk to them about their care needs. It is imperative that discussion of in home care with our elderly parent centers on your desire to help them understand that their care and quality of life is of great concern to you and to reassure them that they can stay in their own home while still receiving the care that they need.


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