How to Talk to Your Siblings about Getting Help for Mom and Dad

Watching our parents age can be tough; for many years they were our caregivers and when the roles become reversed it can be a challenging time for everyone. Understanding the level of care they require can be complicated and if there are many opinions involved, deciding on a care plan can feel impossible. Talking to your siblings about what kind of care to get for mom and dad can be a difficult conversation to have as everyone experiences different emotions.

Is It Time to Seek Help?

Often parents won’t seek help themselves or refuse to accept they may need a little extra assistance. This can also be the case for siblings, with differing opinions about what’s best. When considering whether or not mom and dad need help, there’s a checklist that can be useful. Answering questions with family members about how they handle basic tasks, hygiene, health and cognitive functioning can determine what level of care may be needed. Midnight Sun Home Care (MSHC), offering home health services in Alaska, has this helpful checklist.

Consult a Professional

Once your family comes to the conclusion mom and/or dad needs care, the next question to answer is what type of care. There are a variety of options and family members may have differing opinions. Bringing in a professional to do an assessment and offer advice and information is the best way to bring the family together and determine the appropriate level of care. The experts at MSHC do in-home assessments and meet with your family to answer questions and assess the situation.

Coming Together

Seeking in-home care for a loved one can feel overwhelming but working with the experts at MSHC, everyone can get on the same page and mom and/or dad can get the help they deserve. While the decision to seek in-home care for family members is a difficult one, making the right decision will benefit everyone in the family. In-home care allows people to maintain their independence and keeps families whole.

If you or your loved one needs Alaska home health services, contact the professional caregivers at Midnight Sun Home Care. We’re always happy to help clients and their families find the care they need.


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