Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe Through the Night


shutterstock_277885379For many people, night time is their greatest concern when it comes to caring for an elderly family member. Worries about falls, wandering, health emergencies, or even just not wanting someone you love to be lonely are all very common and very normal.

These issues make choosing Assisted Living communities nearly impossible because they have a limited staff at night. But that does not mean that you need to put Mom into a Nursing Home. There are a lot of other factors to consider when choosing the type of care you want, but don’t let overnight concerns make the decision for you.

Midnight Sun Home Care offers many options for overnight care. We customize each patient’s Care Plan to fit their specific needs. We want our clients and their family to feel comfortable and safe.

With our Home Care we offer the option of a full twelve hour overnight shift, filled by the most qualified caregiver for the specific needs of the client. In most cases the care giver sleeps when the client sleeps and gets up to help when assistance is needed.

Part of choosing Home Care is the benefit of remaining in a familiar and comfortable environment. You don’t need to have an extra room in your home or rearrange your house for an overnight care giver. A couch or even a blow-up mattress works just as well.

If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or another form of Dementia then wandering in the night and other sleep related issues is a huge concern. Part of our standard procedure is for night time shifts to provide a monitor to the home. As soon as the client needs help the care giver can be alerted and at their side. The monitor also lets the care giver know when the client is trying to get up, this allows a care giver to be at their side to help them and then prevent any dangerous wandering about.

If your loved one has special needs that require a care giver to stay awake through the night then we can accommodate this need as well. We understand that every case is different and there will always be variables that need to be covered. We will work with our clients and their family to develop the best plan for their needs, whatever they are.


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