Love Makes You Live Longer

Valentine’s Day – some celebrate it as the ultimate day of love, while others call it the Hallmark holiday. Love it or leave it, whatever your take on Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of benefits to letting a little love into your

Love Makes You Live Longer

life on any given day.

Several studies have shown that married people live longer than single people. According to a study by Harvard, married people were more likely to detect many life-threatening diseases early and get treatment. (Could this be couples’ nagging each other to go to the doctor?)

But it’s not just marriage; friendship plays a huge role in helping people live longer.

Having a loving support system like a spouse, significant other, friends or family can help reduce stress. Stress is a major player in longevity. Stress causes headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain and more. Surrounding yourself with positive people can also influence healthy activities like eating healthy and exercising.

Love and support can come from a four-legged friend too. According to one study that followed cat owners over the course of 10 years, owning a cat dramatically reduces a person’s chances of dying from heart disease. Good news for dog owners too – they are also at a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease.

Spread a little love – you may live a little longer; and if you have an aging family member in need of companion care, call our Alaska senior care team today.


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