Make Date Night A Priority

Do you remember your first date? My first date was with a boy named Jordan who I had band class with. I got to know him at a school dance and he asked me to the movies when it was over. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my mom, I thought I could burst. She decided I was too young to be dating and sent my brother to chaperone. I still smile remembering just how intense the butterflies in my stomach were. As we grow older, date night is something that falls by the wayside.  Work commitments and the needs of the children often come before re-creating those special moments with our spouses. Retirement, though, presents an excellent time in life to relive some of those exciting experiences of dates with your spouse, or create new memories to cherish.

Some dates are timeless. For many, a dinner and movie out may still be a great option. For those who have trouble hearing, or getting around, a stay-home twist on the same date might be just the thing to create a special night together. Spend some time over dinner remembering your first date, your favorite date, and maybe even your worst date! Making that time to reflect on how your relationship has grown can be just what a couple needs to stir up those familiar romantic feelings.

Date night might also be a great time to try something new. Here in town, the Anchorage Senior and Activities Center is an affordable, accessible place to have a good time. They host dances and have an excellent chef for an inexpensive night on the town. Use the opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy some old favorite music and make new friends while spending time with your spouse in a way that you might not have in a while. The senior center also has daytime activities to participate in that require less physical and social energy, like art classes and card games.

As our bodies, interests, and priorities change, it is important to remember that being intentional about our relationships is timeless. From a sweet night in to a big night out, spending time creating romance is a fun way to enjoy the city and our time with each other. Try making date night a monthly, or even weekly occurrence with your partner and see what a difference that makes. Whether the night is about grand gestures or some special time set aside, there’s something for everybody.


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