November is National Diabetes Month

One in 11 Americans suffer from diabetes.One in 11 Americans suffer from diabetes. November marks National Diabetes Month an event aimed at spreading awareness about the risks, symptoms, complications, prevention and management of diabetes.

The 2017 National Diabetes Month theme is “You Are the Center of Your Diabetes Care Team.” You can check out the theme video here. The goal is to encourage people with diabetes to take their care into their own hands by asking their doctors questions, educating themselves and seeking out support groups.

With such a high rate of diabetes in our country it’s important for everyone to know their risk. You can determine your risk in less than a minute by watching this video – as an added bonus the video is pretty cute. (If you like dogs more than hedgehogs try this one, oh and there’s disco goats too, now we’ve got your attention.) It’s important to understand your risk because early detection and treatment can prevent serious complications.

With nearly 10 percent of Americans struggling with diabetes it’s likely you or someone you know is one of them. In honor of National Diabetes month here’s what you can do: donate, educate and advocate.


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