Perspective is Everything

Quality of Life: The general well being of a person or society, defined in measure of health and happiness, rather than wealth.

This definition feels fairly accurate for me. However, we all know that each person defines quality in various ways. Some people focus on health or family, while others may focus on possessions or status.

At Midnight Sun Home Care, we believe that quality of life should be all-inclusive.  We strive to demonstrate six primary values to those who come into contact with us: professionalism, consistency, integrity, compassion, quality and community. The idea is that if we can infuse these values into the daily lives of people we interact with, they are certain to have an improved quality of life.

Another way we look at quality of life is engagement in life. When people are stuck at home, unable or unwilling to get out of their shell, often times, their quality of life diminishes. We are meant to have human interaction—that is why we consider companionship one of the most vital pieces that Midnight Sun Home Care can contribute to the quality of life of our clients.

Along with companionship, supporting a fair measure of independence also contributes to upholding our six values. Often, as people age, they become afraid of losing their independence and feel threatened by the idea of having help in the home. But, perspective is everything!  Let us imagine an older person who is unsteady on his/her feet decides to take a shower each day, without assistance. The first couple of showers may go just fine, but one day, that person is feeling a little “off” and a devastating fall occurs.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three seniors fall, every year, resulting in 90% of hip fractures in seniors that lead to nursing home placement and often in death. What could be worse than losing independence through a fall?

Every day, our company tries to establish in-home care as an option that supports one’s independence versus loss of independence.  Needing help does not mean losing control of independence. Every person needs help throughout life and embracing care from people who live to serve and care for others is a healthy step towards sustained quality of life. Quality of life can be as perfect or imperfect as one makes it and it is based on perception and attitude. Our work is to honor the perspective of our elderly and support a shift to care that suits their individual needs. Our work is to allow families to be family again!


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