Providing a Release to the Pressure


arguing sistersWhen someone that you love is aging, losing their mobility, or struggling with independence it can be a stressful situation. Of course the person experiencing these life changes is going to feel the stress most directly. But that does not mean that the other people in their lives aren’t affected.

Between worrying about your loved one’s health and happiness, weighing options for living arrangements, financial issues, appointments, and so many other things, stress levels can leave your nerves frayed and frazzled. And when your nerves are barely hanging on, sometimes all it takes is one misunderstood sentences to make you snap. And when you snap, it’s usually at your family and the other people involved in the situation. Which leads to increased tension and further frayed nerves. It’s a vicious circle.

We all need to have one person that we can vent to when our stress levels start getting too high. The frustrations need to have a release. But all too often the person we vent to is a family member also experiencing the same situation. Aside from adding stress to them, there’s a potential for conflict if you have differing ideas on what needs to be done and how much each person is contributing. Families should be able to lean against each other, not push each other away.

If you can find someone else that you can trust, someone with a little distance from the situation, you’ll find that everything will go so much more smoothly. When a family takes the frustration out of communication it makes everything more efficient and everyone involved will be happier.

At Midnight Sun Home Care we can be the ears that listen. We give all of our clients, as well as client family members, the openness to call and speak with our office staff.  Our job is to make things easier for you and to make life better for your elderly loved ones. We can be the release valve for tensions in your family. We can listen, we can offer kind words, we can give you advice, and we can relieve your burden.

The holidays should be a time of joy, not stress. Call us today to see how we can help you.



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