Safety Planning for the New Year

It’s a new year and traditionally, many people use the occasion to make resolutions focused on improving themselves or making positive changes in their lives. Have you considered making a resolution about living a safer life? Why not set goals around safety, especially in the support of the seniors and caregivers in your life?

Some of us may have heard the saying, “Safety is No Accident.” But, what does that mean, really? Usually it’s a way of framing safety training. The idea is that keeping ourselves safe is often a result of being proactive about safety.

In the Midnight Sun Home Care Community, safety is truly a major focus and for the New Year, we are renewing our goals for our caregivers’ and clients’ safety.

What’s the Goal?

Put very simply, our goal is always to establish an injury-free environment. That can be a challenge when the “environment” in caregiving is actually many environments: our Midnight Sun Home Care office, the caregivers or the client’s automobile, and various seniors’ homes. But, by always thinking about safety and applying some basic rules, we can overcome the challenge.

Why Does Safety Matter?

The work of caregivers is vital to the many seniors and families who depend on them.  And while they think about a lot of important things in their caregiving role, they might not consistently think about approaching caregiving from a safety standpoint. In fact, most people don’t think a lot about safety. But it’s an issue that affects every aspect of work as a caregiver.

A focus on SAFETY benefits everyone involved: the caregiver, the senior and Midnight Sun Home Care.  It’s a concern that should be evident in everything we do.

Reason #1: Our Seniors

Midnight Sun Home Care offers many services because seniors need us for a variety of reasons.  Safety is almost always a primary issue for them.  Whether we’re providing companionship, helping with meal preparation, performing light housework, providing medication reminders or running errands, safety is at the heart of our service to seniors.  They want to feel safe and secure doing the normal, day-to-day things they’ve always done. Our caregivers’ work is essential to helping them cope safely with the challenges of aging, or recovery from illness or injury.

Reason #2: Caregivers

We want our whole team of dedicated caregivers not only to feel safe, but to be safe as well.  Incorporating safety practices into their life will help protect them, as well as our clients, from illness and injury.  Their livelihood depends on it and our families depend on it!

Reason #3: Midnight Sun Home Care

Safety is significant for Midnight Sun Home Careas a company.  We have a reputation for being safety-conscious. Clients need to know they can rely on us to place caregivers who are well trained in safety procedures and practices.  And we believe that dedicated caregivers will only want to work for a company that puts its employees’ and clients’ safety first. Midnight Sun Home Care is that kind of company - one that values both our caregivers and our clients.

Our caregivers see the important role that their decisions and actions play in keeping themselves and our clients safe, and in helping Midnight Sun Home Care maintain its reputation as a safety-conscious business.  To reach our goal of injury-free environments, wherever a caregiver may be, we provide them a training guide that covers their responsibilities, how to maintain a safe environment, how to protect themselves and others from injury, and how to prevent accidents.

At Midnight Sun Home Care, we believe that safety is a win-win situation.  Putting safety into daily practice benefits everyone, especially you.


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