Supporting the Fighters

Alaska Run for Women

Making Strides of Anchorage

Mayor Sullivan Promotes Prostate Cancer Awareness for Anchorage

Anchorage Fire Department Goes Pink for Cancer Awareness

Relay for Life

Alaska Men’s Run

Pinktober Pink Party

UAA Dental Days

Chains of Caring

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with some type of cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is the second highest cause of death in the U.S., but cancer awareness is the first line of defense.

The links above represent only a portion of the events and fundraisers that occur in our community, each year, to benefit cancer awareness and research. Clearly, Anchorage provides us with ample opportunities to contribute our time and/or make donations to this important cause. Nearly every month of the year is designated for a specific type of cancer; October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Liver Cancer Awareness Month. As humans, many of us feel a need to help others and to alleviate their pain, in some way. We are lucky to be part of a community (both Anchorage and the larger community of Alaska) that is dedicated to fighting and curing cancer.

I believe that most of us would be hard-pressed to say that we do not know of someone who has been impacted by cancer—whether within our circle of family, friends or acquaintances. Midnight Sun Home Care’s own foundation was truly shaken by, our founder, Kevin Turkington’s loss of his father to cancer, several years ago. Our work is built on the principle of giving peace of mind and quality of life to those who use our services. Helping our community build awareness on the issue and raising funds for cancer research plays a role in establishing the quality of life that we strive to provide for clients and their families. That’s why Midnight Sun Home Care commits itself to several cancer organizations.

Knowing that there are options for those diagnosed with cancer is important as well. Most of us may have family and friends we can lean on, but sometimes those people are unable to provide the right type of support. There are several community organizations that can assist those dealing with cancer by providing the correct information and professional support to help families navigate the struggle associated with the cancer treatments and challenges.

Any participation that assists in finding the cure and raising cancer awareness is important and if you would like to join the cause, there are plenty of options—just start with the list we’ve provided and the doors will open wide to you!


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