Trusted COVID-19 Resources for Seniors and Family Caregivers

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Midnight Sun Home Care helps verify trusted COVID-19 resources in the U.S.

Recognizing where to turn for the latest, most dependable resources on COVID-19, particularly as it relates to seniors and those who provide caregiving assistance for them, is crucial – and can be difficult. With so many resources and differing viewpoints on this serious subject, we wanted to help make it simpler to find what you need by putting together the following list of trusted COVID-19 resources.

  • COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults: The CDC’s COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults web page features a wealth of important information, including help identifying who is at higher risk, symptoms, simple tips to take care of yourself, a checklist for your house, stress and anxiety coping advice, and much more.
  • Coronavirus: What the Elderly and People with Disabilities Should Know: ACL provides details on what older adults and people with disabilities need to know to prevent being infected with and spreading the virus, in addition to warning signs, state-by-state regulations, and a comprehensive listing of federal and non-federal resources.
  • AARP Answers Commonly Asked Questions About COVID-19: AARP keeps an ongoing bulleted list of the most current information connected with COVID-19, plus what the elderly should do to lessen their chance of contracting it and answers to a number of common questions.
  • Articles/Resources for Caregivers on COVID-19 Safety: The Family Caregiver Alliance publishes caregiver-specific articles and resources to aid family caregivers in improving the safety of the seniors within their care.
  • Extensive Frequently Asked Questions List on Caregiver COVID-19 Issues: DailyCaring, an award-winning website focused on caregivers, created an FAQ page to provide answers to dozens of questions, for example, precautions to take when visiting a senior’s house, the best ways to sanitize packages, proper handwashing techniques, and more.
  • NAHC COVID-19 Resources: The National Association for Home Care & Hospice advocates for the scores of older adults who receive in-home care, and also for people who provide that care. Their COVID-19 resource page offers articles, webinars, interactive tools, and much more.

For further resources to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and for safe, reliable, in-home care to enhance wellness and comfort for the seniors you adore, get in touch with Midnight Sun Home Care, providers of Companion Care in Anchorage, AK, today. Following a stringent protocol to ensure the safety of the elderly we serve, we can help with an array of important services, such as:

Reach out to Midnight Sun Home Care, providers of companion care in Anchorage, AK at (907) 677-7890 for an assessment within the safety and comfort of home, to learn more about how we can assist your loved ones.


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