Ways to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day

Take a selfie with grandma #seniorcitizensdayIn 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 declaring August 21 National Senior Citizens Day. The day is meant to recognize the achievements and leadership of seniors, and thank them for all they’ve done. It’s also a day meant to remind people to take care of seniors by providing them with the proper care and lifestyle they deserve. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Senior Citizens Day.

Drop a Line
We don’t mean fishing (but by all means go if grandma and grandpa are up for it!) Drop by to say hi, make a quick phone call or text, email, tweet – get in touch with the seniors in your life by any means possible. Even just a quick hello will mean something.

Get Social
Social media isn’t just for the kids. Many seniors are using social media platforms to connect with each other, their kids and grandkids. Use the hashtag #SeniorCitizensDay to post a photo of you with a senior in your life. Not only will this celebrate the senior it will remind and encourage others to celebrate.  Share your photos on our Midnight Sun Home Care Facebook page.

Lend a Helping Hand
Bring over a bag of groceries, mow the lawn or drop by with a fresh slab of salmon, celebrate the day by doing something nice and unexpected for a senior in your life. If your grandparents live alone and you don’t live in the area, companies like Midnight Sun Home Care can help.

Take a Trip
…down memory lane. Seniors have plenty of tales to tell and many worth hearing. Ask the senior in your life to share their favorite life story and it might just end up being your favorite too. Alaska has one of the fastest growing senior populations so there are plenty of seniors to talk to.

However you choose to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day, remember seniors are special and they deserve our support, assistance and a celebration.


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