Veteran’s Day

As I was sitting in my home in East Anchorage, thinking about what I wanted to write about this month, I could hear the sound of our local troops engaging in live fire training in the dark of the evening. “Pow… pow, pow, pow. BOOM! Tat, tat tat…” With each sound I heard I couldn’t… Continue reading

Caregiver’s Stress Syndrome: Let’s Start Talking About It

If they ever submitted a bill for service, it would come to over $450 billion. That’s how much work is contributed every year by the nation’s unpaid health caretakers. On any given day, almost 66 million Americans are providing informal health care to ill, aged or disabled patients. Usually it’s for a family member, and… Continue reading

Caregiving Stress Part II: It Hits Women the Hardest

The health profession defines caretaker’s stress syndrome as a debilitating condition brought on by unrelieved, constant caring for a person with a chronic illness or dementia. It is beginning to be recognized as a serious health issue, but it is still rarely discussed. The medical profession has only recently become aware of the toll that… Continue reading

Isolation: The Most Threatening Condition

We all know that lifestyles can have a serious impact on a person’s health. If most of us had to guess, we would probably name smoking as the greatest health hazard, with excessive drinking and/or obesity coming in second. We would be wrong. Or at least we would be wrong if we talking about the… Continue reading

Alaska is Aging: Our Elders Will Need our Help

Alaska has always enjoyed a youthful population. It’s partly our young military but beyond even that, our state has always attracted laborers and adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who tend to be starting out in life–in their twenties and thirties. But along with the rest of the country, even Alaska is getting older. We know how… Continue reading

Loneliness and the Elderly – A Challenge for Alaskans

Children may have grown up and moved away. Even when they live nearby, they are involved with their own families and their own careers. Spouses pass away, friends move south and their circle closes while darkness and isolation set in. Especially here in Alaska, our harsh weather combines with diminishing social options and frailty to… Continue reading

Preventing Falls

Winter is upon us in Alaska and with the hustle and bustle throughout the holidays, we have some added concerns and precautions for our clients. If you share your home with or care for an elderly or disabled loved one, preventing falls is a top priority. Falls account for 25% of all elderly hospital admission… Continue reading

How to Know When Your Aging Parent Needs Help

One thing is certain; your parents won’t likely be the ones who tell you they need help. Aging seniors have a strong desire to remain independent and in control of their own lives for as long as possible. Typically the aging senior will experience a traumatic event or wakeup call that leads to the realization… Continue reading

Dealing with Resistance to Alaska Senior Care Services

You may be hesitant to start communicating with your loved one about their need of care. This becomes even more difficult when you suspect you will be met with resistance. They may feel it’s a sign of weakness to accept help or be worried about associated costs. Your loved one may be feeling frightened, vulnerable,… Continue reading

Long-term Alaska senior care to cost more than baby boomers thought!

Baby boomers underestimate the cost of long-term care, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Nationwide Financial Services. Boomers surveyed estimate their long-term care costs to be $78,923 but the company projects that the cost of nursing-home care in 2030, the year the last boomers are expected to retire, will reach $265,000… Continue reading