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Knowing When to Step In: How to Avoid Being a Helicopter Child to Aging Parents

We’ve all heard of helicopter parents, particularly when a child goes off to college. Truth be told, we possibly may be guilty of hovering a little too closely ourselves. Discovering that optimal balance between caring and overstepping our boundaries isn’t easy. And now, with the additional number of sandwich generationers providing care for both children […]

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Ways to Keep Healthy As We Age—Making Time to “Play” as an Adult

Remember that feeling as a young child as soon as the school bell rang, signifying the conclusion of arithmetic and the beginning of the best part of the day: recess? There was an enormous sense of freedom dashing out onto the playground, leaving behind the pressure of school work for a brief period of unstructured […]

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Take Advantage of Holiday Visits to Detect Early Alzheimer’s Signs in Seniors

From the moment the door swings open and your senior family member wraps you in a warm embrace, through the merry holiday dinner and every timeless family tradition, opportunities abound for not merely quality time together, but also to evaluate how your senior loved one is actually doing and if any red flags are noted. […]

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Alaska Home Care Tips for Seniors: How to Avoid the Holiday Blues

Ah, the holidays: they’re sometimes the most wonderful period of the year, or perhaps the most challenging. For some older adults who have lost family members, are struggling with chronic medical conditions, or are experiencing isolation and loneliness, the holiday season can lead to depression. And, the family caregivers who care for a loved one […]

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Stop Falls Before They Happen at Home with This Fall Prevention Checklist

Falls involving the elderly are all too frequent and may have serious consequences. Taking precautionary measures is crucial, such as assessing the home for fall dangers like throw rugs along with other trip and fall hazards, insufficient lighting, and an absence of appropriate grab bars and railings. But there’s an additional approach being suggested now: […]

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How to Enjoy the Holidays and Avoid a Hospital Emergency Room Visit

While we may envision a Norman Rockwell-worthy Thanksgiving celebration, with the whole family relishing high quality time with each other and Grandma’s classic feast, the reality for some families also includes something unforeseen: a hospital emergency room visit. Believe it or not, studies indicate that emergency room visits for older adults increase an astounding 10% […]

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Is Senior Care Leave a Benefit Employees May Have Access to in the Near Future?

Businesses have long understood the necessity for new mothers or fathers to take some time away from their career to focus on the many needs of a new baby, but what has been acknowledged much less is the equally important need for adult children to take time off to look after their aging parents. However […]

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What Elephants Can Teach Us About Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s

The old adage is true: elephants truly do have extraordinary memories, even in their old age. For instance, they can remember and go back to highly specific places years after visiting them, regardless of age. Exactly what can we glean from elephants which could lead to enhancing our own cognitive functioning later in life? Interestingly, […]

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It Can Be a Fight: The Struggle for Senior Safety vs. Independence

It’s a struggle that arises for a lot of families: aging parents adamantly would like to age in place at home, while their loved ones worry about their health and safety. The struggle between senior safety vs. independence is real, and there’s an argument to be made from both sides. Seniors, particularly those who live […]

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Navigating Difficult Family Dynamics as a Family Caregiver

When caregiving for a family member, it can be challenging not to let difficult family dynamics get in the way. For people who have been brought up by caring parents who took care of all their needs, providing the same degree of care may just be second nature. But what if you’ve been negatively affected […]

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