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Caregivers, Beware! Avoid Injuries with These Caregiver Safety Tips

While the ultimate goal is always to improve health and safety for the aging adults they love, family caregivers, regrettably, typically end up compromising their own health along the way by ignoring caregiver safety tips. The truth is, an astounding 94% of caregivers in a recently available study carried out by Ohio State University revealed […]

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Finding Purpose and Embracing Positivity in Everyday Life as a Senior Citizen

Think about a typical day in the life of a senior citizen. Hopefully, it provides a number of positive and enriching experiences: enjoying breakfast, engaging in a favorite hobby or interest, visiting with a relative or friend, watching a popular television show. However, there’s a difference between positivity and purpose; and the need for a […]

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Understanding the Wandering Behavior of Alzheimer’s Patients and How to Keep Them Safe

Of the numerous effects of Alzheimer’s disease, probably one of the most concerning is the person’s propensity for wandering and also the potential dangers that could develop in the event that the senior becomes disoriented or lost. Wandering may occur if the older adult is:

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Understanding and Responding to Anxiety and Paranoia in Seniors with Lewy Body Dementia

“I am telling you, there is a dog inside my closet! I hear it growling all night long. We’ve got to track down its owner!” Hearing an older loved one voice concerns such as this that you are aware to be false is unsettling – yet not abnormal. Your first reaction can be to try […]

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Could Safety Be Compromised for Your Aging Parent? Implementing This Plan Can Help

The first signs might be so subtle that many people wouldn’t even notice that anything is amiss. Mom is extroverted, friendly, and conversational while visiting relatives and friends and while running errands. But those closest to her are beginning to detect concerns: being forgetful about the soup cooking on the stove, resulting in a scorched […]

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After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: The Two Most Common Treatment Options Available

The latest Alzheimer’s data is sobering. The disease has become the 6th leading cause of death, rising above both breast cancer and prostate cancer together. And though deaths from many other chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular illnesses, are decreasing, those from Alzheimer’s have jumped in excess of 100%. The toll the condition takes on family […]

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Can Your Marriage Survive the Strain of Senior Care?

In marriage we agree to stick with each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – but what doesn’t come up during our vows to one another is how to deal with the increasing needs of senior care as our parents age.

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Breakthrough Medications for Alzheimer’s

Groundbreaking research is honing in ever closer to the eradication of Alzheimer’s disease, this time through two medications already developed and approved by the FDA. This permits expedited clinical trials and hopefully fast-tracking us closer to a cure. The first, surprisingly, is a drug used to treat HIV. Scientists discovered that the genetic blueprint in […]

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How to Help Seniors Around You Avoid Loneliness and Isolation

With more than 325 million people living in the US alone, it is difficult to envision that senior loneliness is so far-reaching. Regardless, more than 50% of all the elderly live by themselves, and over a million of them are thought to be experiencing chronic loneliness. Almost half of the elderly surveyed stated that their […]

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Time to Rethink Aging

A simple internet search for the word “aging” gives results such as “coping with aging,” “what you can do about aging,” and “the cure to aging.” The negative view to growing older is, unfortunately, so embedded within our society that it is estimated that by 2021, we will be spending over $300 billion in anti-aging […]

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