Midnight Sun Home Care’s collection of blog posts that focus on the community.

Independence Through Healthy Living

“She says she wants to keep living in her home. We say it starts by keeping her on her feet.” Many people believe that once you reach a ‘certain age’ it’s time to slow down. They say less physical activity is better, even safer. I don’t think anyone who said that was over the age… Continue reading

Helping Families Remain Families

“Helping families remain families” Our tag line for Midnight Sun Home Care holds much meaning for us and it speaks directly to our mission of ensuring quality of life and providing peace of mind for our clients and their families. The idea of it becomes that much clearer when we break it down further to:… Continue reading

Lessons from Dad

My father passed away six years ago, this May.  Each year, I remember the last days with him as some of the most heartbreaking in my life, yet the most emotionally and spiritually rewarding. Dad raised our family in Soldotna, Alaska and that was where he spent his last few months, suffering from lung… Continue reading

Signs of Elder Abuse

Senior – Hello? Caller – Hello, is this Mrs. Johnson? Senior – Yes, speaking. Caller – Mrs. Johnson, my name is Fred Moore. I am calling today to let you know that you have been selected to receive a free gift from our company. In order for you to receive this gift, all you have… Continue reading

For the Love of Seniors

The topic of romance and the elderly is sensitive. Many people are uncomfortable thinking about their elderly loved ones in a romantic relationship (including the elders themselves), and at the end of the day, people just don’t like to discuss it. However, a growing number of seniors have a love life; love and romance is… Continue reading

Why Romance and Seniors Go Hand in Hand

To honor the month most focused on matters of the heart, we’re exploring the world of dating and love among seniors.  It wasn’t long ago that common perception defined romance among seniors as an odd or unwise choice, perhaps even, a result of dementia.  But that has changed—for a lot of reasons. Let’s… Continue reading

Safety Planning for the New Year

It’s a new year and traditionally, many people use the occasion to make resolutions focused on improving themselves or making positive changes in their lives. Have you considered making a resolution about living a safer life? Why not set goals around safety, especially in the support of the seniors and caregivers in your life? Some… Continue reading

Let’s Be Senior Friendly!

Alaska’s senior population is growing at a faster rate in comparison to the lower 48 states. In the past, many Alaskan seniors spent their early senior years snow-birding: leaving Alaska during the winter months and returning for the summer months. Once they could no longer sustain this seasonal pattern, many would move to warmer retirement… Continue reading

Caring for Aging Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, November 11th, we’ve dedicated this month’s blog posts to our country’s veterans.   We’ll try to provide context for the common challenges faced by our veterans in order to better provide support, where possible. A good number of our aging population is comprised of veterans. And sadly, there is… Continue reading

Veteran’s Day

As I was sitting in my home in East Anchorage, thinking about what I wanted to write about this month, I could hear the sound of our local troops engaging in live fire training in the dark of the evening. “Pow… pow, pow, pow. BOOM! Tat, tat tat…” With each sound I heard I couldn’t… Continue reading

Loneliness and the Elderly – A Challenge for Alaskans

Children may have grown up and moved away. Even when they live nearby, they are involved with their own families and their own careers. Spouses pass away, friends move south and their circle closes while darkness and isolation set in. Especially here in Alaska, our harsh weather combines with diminishing social options and frailty to… Continue reading