Midnight Sun Home Care’s collection of blog posts that focus on the community.

A Sense of Community

At any age, but especially as a person ages, social interaction plays a large part in physical and mental well-being. For the elderly, isolation is a key factor that limits social interaction and is largely due to the fact that the person becomes housebound and doesn’t have the encouragement to get out. Yet, there are… Continue reading

Community Voice

Recognizing the month of our independence provides a great opportunity to remember and celebrate the freedoms that we all have. As an American, you probably have a good idea of your freedoms and rights, but how do any of us really make sure that we are putting those rights to good use and fully embracing… Continue reading

Dad’s Place in the Community

When Father’s Day was originally proposed as a holiday in the early 1900s, many viewed it negatively and considered it emasculating. It took several decades for Father’s Day to be recognized as the holiday that we celebrate today; one in which we honor our fathers or father figures for all of the wonderful attributes and… Continue reading

Internet Safety is Important for You and Your Family

By now, you probably know that the Internet is a communication network that allows almost all of the computers in the world to connect. This is the beauty and the curse of it: there are unlimited resources that can be found on the Internet but it also exposes people to a lot of safety and… Continue reading

How can we get more out of life from laughing?

Laughter is universal. No matter how old we are, what language we speak, our gender, or our physical capability, humor and laughter are a part of being human. Our ability to find humor in almost every situation is a true gift and what makes it even better is that laughing is actually good for us!… Continue reading

Community Gardens

As the air warms and sun shines longer each day, we all begin to dream about the promise of spring and summer and with that, we might think about nourishing our bodies—in many ways. I think about planting seeds to prepare for my garden and of course, all the activities that warm weather brings like,… Continue reading

Heart of the Community

“HEART,” which has so many meanings, is truly the most essential piece of our lives. It is crucial that we live every meaning of it in the healthiest way possible. The most well known definition of heart is that which describes the organ that circulates blood inside our bodies. Follow these five steps to keep… Continue reading

Perspective is Everything

Quality of Life: The general well being of a person or society, defined in measure of health and happiness, rather than wealth. This definition feels fairly accurate for me. However, we all know that each person defines quality in various ways. Some people focus on health or family, while others may focus on possessions or… Continue reading

Giving of Heart and Time

“Christmas… is not an external event at all, but a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.”-Freya Stark This is a wonderful time of year for hope, joy, jubilation and coalescence. It seems that as the holiday season approaches, the world becomes a bustle of vitality. Yet, we still have to figure… Continue reading

One Community, One Family

“In a matter of a few minutes, Midnight Sun became an integral part of our lives and in an hour we all went home!  It was “normal” immediately!  They are so much a part of our lives and our family that we think of them as such.  His caregivers actively and passionately… Continue reading

Supporting the Fighters

Alaska Run for Women Making Strides of Anchorage Mayor Sullivan Promotes Prostate Cancer Awareness for Anchorage Anchorage Fire Department Goes Pink for Cancer Awareness Relay for Life Alaska Men’s Run Pinktober Pink Party UAA Dental Days Chains of Caring According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with some type… Continue reading

Don’t Slip, Follow These Guidelines

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month. Every year, one-third of all people over the age of 65 will experience a fall. Often, these falls can result in broken bones and/or a decline in the overall health of the individual. These types of accidents are especially prevalent in Alaska, due to the extreme weather conditions that… Continue reading

A Helpful Hand

Who doesn’t enjoy a good summer filled with barbecues, fishing, hiking, warmer weather and many more hours of daylight? Yet now, we are finding that days are getting shorter and the weather is ever changing. This is a season of preparation, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Sometimes it can be hard to… Continue reading