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Why Being a Family Caregiver Is Causing One-Third of Us to Leave Our Jobs

Recently, actor Rob Lowe brought caregiving into the foreground by discussing his journey of caring for his mom and the toll it took on his own life. He explained, “When you’re caring for a loved one, there’s nothing you won’t do to give them as much comfort and peace of mind as you can possibly […]

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Could Safety Be Compromised for Your Aging Parent? Implementing This Plan Can Help

The first signs might be so subtle that many people wouldn’t even notice that anything is amiss. Mom is extroverted, friendly, and conversational while visiting relatives and friends and while running errands. But those closest to her are beginning to detect concerns: being forgetful about the soup cooking on the stove, resulting in a scorched […]

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Can Your Marriage Survive the Strain of Senior Care?

In marriage we agree to stick with each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – but what doesn’t come up during our vows to one another is how to deal with the increasing needs of senior care as our parents age.

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How to Help Seniors Around You Avoid Loneliness and Isolation

With more than 325 million people living in the US alone, it is difficult to envision that senior loneliness is so far-reaching. Regardless, more than 50% of all the elderly live by themselves, and over a million of them are thought to be experiencing chronic loneliness. Almost half of the elderly surveyed stated that their […]

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Time to Rethink Aging

A simple internet search for the word “aging” gives results such as “coping with aging,” “what you can do about aging,” and “the cure to aging.” The negative view to growing older is, unfortunately, so embedded within our society that it is estimated that by 2021, we will be spending over $300 billion in anti-aging […]

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Knowing When to Step In: How to Avoid Being a Helicopter Child to Aging Parents

We’ve all heard of helicopter parents, particularly when a child goes off to college. Truth be told, we possibly may be guilty of hovering a little too closely ourselves. Discovering that optimal balance between caring and overstepping our boundaries isn’t easy. And now, with the additional number of sandwich generationers providing care for both children […]

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Alaska Home Care Tips for Seniors: How to Avoid the Holiday Blues

Ah, the holidays: they’re sometimes the most wonderful period of the year, or perhaps the most challenging. For some older adults who have lost family members, are struggling with chronic medical conditions, or are experiencing isolation and loneliness, the holiday season can lead to depression. And, the family caregivers who care for a loved one […]

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Is Senior Care Leave a Benefit Employees May Have Access to in the Near Future?

Businesses have long understood the necessity for new mothers or fathers to take some time away from their career to focus on the many needs of a new baby, but what has been acknowledged much less is the equally important need for adult children to take time off to look after their aging parents. However […]

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Navigating Difficult Family Dynamics as a Family Caregiver

When caregiving for a family member, it can be challenging not to let difficult family dynamics get in the way. For people who have been brought up by caring parents who took care of all their needs, providing the same degree of care may just be second nature. But what if you’ve been negatively affected […]

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3 Things NOT to Say to Someone Experiencing a Health Crisis

Have you ever walked in to the office or a get-together with friends or family and had a person say to you with great concern, “You really look tired today!” Even though you may have been feeling relatively perky before that instance, unexpectedly you actually DO feel tired and rundown. The words we speak to […]

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